5 Top Trends in Kitchen Design

Planning a kitchen renovation?We all know that homeowners, (no genders mentioned... 🤣🤣🤣) are always looking for new and improved ways to revamp their kitchens, making it more modern and stylish. Be it a full kitchen reno, or small touches to refresh the space and make it waaaay more interesting.Here are a few of my favourite trends for 2019.

  • The multi-toned look
  • High tech everything
  • Hidden storage
  • Open shelving
  • Industrial look

1. The Multi-Toned look

Combining two or three different colours or textures creates a contrast in tone, giving the space a richer and more nuanced look and feel. There are a couple of ways one can implement this, the purpose here is to create an interesting and unique space.

  • Decide on a set of cabinets that will become a focal point for the space. The kitchen island is usually the favourite for this because it's typically located in the centre of the kitchen.
  • Using a lighter shade on the upper cabinets and a darker shade on the lower cabinets.
  • Spicing up the cabinets by using different colour hardware ie. gold, brass or black.
  • Combing timber elements with a matte finish👌🏽.

2. High Tech Everything...!

Just as our mobile devices get smarter and smarter every season, so too do our kitchen appliances. With WIFI enabled appliances such as coffee machines, refrigerators and washing machines. You can control your appliances at any time from anywhere.You no longer have to wake up and make your own coffee, the machine can do it for you. Forgot to make a grocery list for your shopping? with your smart fridge, you can see what's inside your fridge while shopping with its interior cameras. Your washing machine learns your washing habits and does the washing for you, how about that? Check out these some smart appliances from Samsung.

Other cool stuff

You can replace your old plugs with smart wall outlets that can be controlled from anywhere, us WIFI and having USB charging ports for convenience.Check out this link.

3. Concealed [smart] storage

Concealed storage creates a clean minimalistic look which can be achieved through timeless straight lines. Concealed handless cupboards with smart storage is the way to go especially if you have small kids, although we all know kids can be very smart. It minimises clutter, enhances functionality and convenience and can work for either small or spacious kitchens.Knowing where everything is and having it organised in a specific way using smart compartments is very helpful. Here are a few ways to achieve this look;

  • Using recessed, parallel, folding or packet falling shutters.
  • Pull-out cupboards that function as a compact pantry or spice nook next to a prep area.
  • Using different organizers for your kitchenware ie.  a pull-out pots and pan drawer organizer, food container and lid organizer for your Tupperware, bakeware organizer, a charging drawer and even cup hangers.
  • Using pop up outlets on countertops,  plug points no longer need to be visible
  • A Slide-out prep station
  • Hinged garbage bins in a cupboard.

For some great examples of hidden storage, check out one of my favs, Blue-line kitchen architecture.

No hood is the new hood

This includes hidden extractors, creating a clean modern look.  Hidden hoods seem to be the biggest trend of the year.

4. Open shelving

Open shelving is a fun way to "display" your dishware and glassware 😉. For those of you who feel like you have way too many things, this is the perfect trend towards eliminating clutter. This is also probably the most cost-effective way to update your kitchen.There are lots of different ways you can do this using either floating shelves, suspended shelves or just playing around with your existing cupboards by removing some of the cupboard doors on the upper level. There are also various materials that you can use to do this including metal, brushed brass, timber or glass shelving with bold interesting brackets, making the kitchen feel more open and lighter.Kitchen corners are usually tricky spaces to play around with, using open shelving to optimise such spaces is quite useful and also works very well in empty openings like the ones above the sink or in-between windows. Adding decorative touches like plants, ornaments and vintage ware will make your kitchen chic and vibrant.

5. Industrial look

The industrial kitchen design concept is quite a unique and distinct style that one can tailor to suit their individual preferences. The concept includes remodelling old elements and making them look more modern, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. This idea works well in well-lit spacious kitchens with high ceilings.Some commonly used elements in industrial kitchen design include industrial countertop finishes such as concrete, burnished metals, Caesarstone, rusty copper tones and terrazzo. Creating subtle but bold tones by using contrasting materials such as brick walls and unique lighting elements. Using cement floors with a glossy finish and hanging pot racks as well as vintage furniture creating a timeless look.Take a look at some great design inspirations by easy life kitchens.

Designer: Marchi Cucine